Why Choose Us ?


We have some of the best personal trainers in the Industry

Working with a diverse clientele, our team of personal trainers are all top-ranked professionals with proven track records. By training with the very best personal trainers in the Delhi, our clients are able to consistently achieve outstanding results both quickly and safely.

We've won multiple press plaudits

Over the years we've helped thousands of clients to achieve their goals from busy professionals to high profile clients. As a result, we've received multiple press plaudits, including features in Hindustan times, The times of India, and many Health & Fitness Magazines. Today, as from the beginning, we set out to differentiate ourselves from other personal training companies through both the quality of our personal trainers and our outstanding client success rates.

Our personal trainers are extraordinary motivators

We understand that for many people exercise can seem like a chore. That is why at 1:1 Edge, our personal trainers are experts at creating goal-based programs that are fun, exciting and thoroughly motivational. Our personal training programs are guaranteed to inspire and motivate you every step of the way, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely. With one of the best client success rates in the Industry our motivational training methods speak for themselves.

We care passionately about your health and fitness

We care passionately about your goals and our personal trainers go to extraordinary lengths to exceed your expectations. We approach each new client with the idea that nothing is impossible and we challenge every trainer to make a difference to our clients lives. When you become a client of         1:1 Edge, your objectives become our objectives and we will stop at nothing to achieve them for you.

We treat you as an individual

You are unique and we believe your training should reflect this. Understanding that no two clients are the same, we focus specifically on what’s needed for you. Your success is our priority and we will personally match you with the trainer that can get the best results from you, based upon your goals, interests and preferences. By treating you as an individual we are able to deliver fast, proven results.

Positive word of mouth

 Almost 70% of our clients come to us through word of mouth recommendation from existing clients, attesting to both the outstanding success rates of our trainers and the high levels of customer satisfaction that we consistently deliver. This statistic alone sets us apart from all our competitors.



We stay ahead of the pack

Because the fitness industry is constantly evolving, it is essential that even the best trainers keep their knowledge and education up-to-date. For this reason we not only encourage, but also facilitate ongoing training opportunities for our team. This ensures that our personal trainers are always able to deliver varied, dynamic and relevant workouts based upon the very latest training methodologies. This helps us stay at the top of our game and positions us as leaders in the Industry.

We're straight talking and honest

We practice honesty, trust and transparency with all our clients. This means that our trainers will never patronize or lie to you about the results that you can expect from your efforts. We'll always tell it to you straight! Our clients tell us that they appreciate this and they repay us with loyalty and are honest with us too. This commitment to honesty extends to every one of our trainers and every aspect of our service, allowing us to achieve the highest possible professional standards - as well as some of the best client results in the business.

Our approach goes beyond fitness

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to achieve their greatest possible physical, mental and social well-being. As such, we believe in giving our clients the knowledge and motivation to enable them to pursue a lifetime of better health. With decades of specialist experience, our personal trainers are able to provide the expert knowledge, tools and resources that help our clients to implement healthy strategies in their lives not just for today, but for the rest of their lives.


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