How well qualified are your personal trainers?

We pride ourselves on having some of the most highly qualified personal trainers in the business. All of our trainers not only hold a minimum level of qualification in their field, but most also hold, or are working towards, a degree in Sports Science. All of our trainers are accredited through 1:1 Edge personal training foundation course and are certified personal trainers and constantly advance their training through a structured program of continuing professional development.

Do I need to be physically fit to have a personal trainer?

Not at all. Most clients who come to us are either new to fitness or are returning to fitness after a period of inactivity. During your first session, your trainer will carry out a health and fitness assessment which will help to determine the level of exercise that is right for you to begin. Your trainer will help you to reach your goals at a pace that's right for you. With the expert guidance of our personal trainers, you'll be amazed at just how quickly your fitness levels will improve.

I'm a little nervous about starting personal training. Is that okay?

Don't worry, quite a few first time clients feel this way. But once you've had a consultation with one of our friendly and experienced trainers, we guarantee that you will not only feel exceptionally comfortable with your trainer, but you'll probably wonder why you didn't get started sooner!
All of our trainers are selected because of their passion for helping our clients to achieve their goals in a safe and non-intimidating environment. So even if you've never done personal training before, you can rest assured that our qualified fitness trainers will bring out your very best. That's our promise and commitment to you.

How much do personal training sessions costs?

Prices start from just Rs.2000 per session in Delhi & NCR. There are packages offered as well the bigger the package more savings you make. To discuss your requirements in further detail please contact us.

Can I train with a friend or partner?

Absolutely. Training with someone else can be highly motivating and a lot of fun. It's also an ideal way to share the cost of personal training sessions between you. Find out more about 

How is my progress measured?

At the outset, your personal trainer will carry out a full health and fitness assessment which will include such measurements as body weight, body fat, BMI, circumference measurements, resting heart rate, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. These measurements can be repeated at set stages throughout the course of your training program in order to measure your progress.

How soon will I see results?

All clients generally start to feel fitter, both mentally and physical, by the end of their first week of personal training. Our clients usually begin to tone and burn fat relatively quickly and may notice some of their clothes feeling looser within just a few weeks of training. The exact rate of weight loss will vary from client to client and is dependent upon your starting weight, gender, metabolism and the type of training program you are following. For best results, we advise that clients follow their chosen program guidelines for a minimum of 12 weeks.

What equipment and clothing do I need in order to train?

Your trainer will bring all the necessary fitness equipment for your workouts. If you already have fitness equipment that you would specifically like to use, our trainers would be happy to incorporate that into your workouts too. You will need to provide yourself with supportive trainers and sensible workout clothing such as jogging bottoms and t-shirt. You should bring a bottle of drinking water to keep yourself hydrated and we also recommend that you bring a towel to your workout.

What sort of exercises will I be doing?

Every client's personal training program is different. Your individual training program will be determined by you and your trainer following your consultation and will be based upon your goals, interests, health history and physical abilities. Our trainers are highly qualified in a whole range of fitness disciplines which means that they can deliver one of the most diverse, varied and interesting workouts available anywhere.

What exercise equipment will I be using in my workouts?

Some exercises will require no equipment at all. For other exercises, our personal trainers may use a wide variety of different exercise equipment dependent upon your individual program. Equipment may include dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, swiss balls, aerobic steps, rebounders, resistance tubes, bosu balance trainers, TRX suspension straps, ViPR, resistance bars, powerbags, foam rollers, wobble boards, speed cones, agility ladders, rubber hand weights, jump ropes, hook and jab pads, gliding discs and much more!

My home is quite small, will there be space to train?

The equipment that our personal trainers use is designed to be small, compact and portable. We've been training clients for over a decade and have yet to find a client's home that is too small to train in. However, if you simply prefer to train outside of your home, our trainers can meet you in your local park, your office or any other location of your choice. We train you anywhere, no space is too small for us.

Can my trainer provide me with a home exercise program?

Yes. Our personal trainers can provide you with a bespoke exercise plan that you can follow on your own, between sessions. Our personal trainers are experts at creating highly effective home workouts which require no equipment at all, or they can build a program based around any fitness equipment you already have in your home. Either way, you'll be guaranteed a fully bespoke routine that you can use in conjunction with your personal training sessions. Your home exercise program will be updated at regular intervals in order to add new variety and ensure that you continue to progress.

What if I have other questions that are not featured here?

If your particular question is not answered here then please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry. Our customer service team would be happy to help you.

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